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High Potential and Gifted Education

High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE)

At Woollahra Public School we aim to enrich and extend all our students lives in a climate of possibility through learning in every class and providing opportunities for our HPGE students. We strive to make every class an opportunity class. These opportunities include:

- Quality and creative programs in all classrooms

- Provision of high quality literature programs in all classrooms

- Emphasis on problem based learning in the Sciences and Mathematics

- Teaching of STEM subjects for examples robotics and coding in all classes

- Mentoring of teachers and students in STEM, critical and creative thinking

- Embedding of the humanities in classroom programs

- Excursions to support learning in all areas

- School Drama programs with the Sydney Theatre Company and the University of Sydney

- Philosophical thinking embedded in all subjects

- Weekly Writers’ Circle for talented writers

- Festival of Creativity and Thinking

- Accelerative programs for HPGE students

- Register of HPGE students, tracking their progress and individual learning programs where appropriate

- Release from face to face programs in Drama and the Arts

- Deep learning in subject areas to encourage motivation and interest

- Opportunity classes in Years 5 and 6

- Tournament of the Minds Competitions

- Weekly Chess tutoring

- Choirs, bands and strings opportunities Years 1-6

- Italian and Japanese language teaching

- Teachers have engaged in professional learning with the new HPGE policy and are constantly updating their teaching and learning skills through the Department of Education’s curriculum reform.

Further professional learning in HPGE takes place regularly. The new strategies in our HPGE policy can be found HERE.

There is also a wealth of information on the GERRIC UNSW site for teacher and parents to use as a resource. Our Opportunity Class and some K-6 teachers have completed the COGE mini courses at UNSW and some teachers have a Masters in Gifted education.

We encourage parents to talk to their child’s teacher if they would like to raise concerns about their HPGE child’s learning. Also our principal and deputy principals have experience, knowledge and skills in HPGE and would welcome your inquiries.