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Drama Enrichment

School Drama

Since 2013 Woollahra Public School has welcomed actors from the School Drama program at the Sydney Theatre Company to work with teachers and students.

In 2023 we have had four classes in our school which have participated in School Drama. This is a creative, professional learning program for teachers in which their class works with an actor or visiting artist, essentially an artist in residence for 7 weeks over one term. Teachers also engage in an outstanding professional learning session at Walsh Bay when they participate in the process drama activities themselves.

During this time the children and their teacher study quality literature and enact and embody the story, concepts and themes in the book through process drama. The program is lots of fun and educational as it enriches the English curriculum and improves learning outcomes in inferential comprehension, oracy, descriptive language and narrative writing. A unit of work is completed by the teacher and the actor as a future resource for the school and all teachers to share. Here are some photos of 5KL engaging in the program this year.

Here are some of the responses of students: I liked the drama activity The Pied Piper because of the activities about acting and the way we moved and twisted our bodies which was really fun. Working in groups was enjoyable when we had to create shapes with everyone in the group. I hope we can do the drama activity again.
Hiroto 5KL

For more information about School Drama please watch the following video and read about the research on the program below.


School Drama Impact
  • 91% of students found it easier to write after School Drama
  • 78% of students said they learn better when they use drama in the classroom
  • 91% of students agree they felt more engaged in school after participating in School Drama
  • 85% of students said School Drama helped them see different perspectives
  • Student grades lifted 3.1 marks for male identifying students over a 7 week teaching period
  • Student grades lifted 1.9 marks for female-identifying students over a 7 week teaching period

Source: Saunders, J.N. (2019). Dramatic Interventions: A multi-site case study analysis of student outcomes in the School Drama program, The University of Sydney.


  • Learn how to integrate drama into your regular teaching practice
  • One-on-one mentoring in your own classroom
  • A wide range of drama strategies to employ across the curriculum
  • Eight and a half hours of accredited learning


  • Increased student academic achievement in literacy and English
  • Improved student confidence
  • Increased student engagement and motivation
  • Significant improvements in class collaboration

Explore the research at sydneytheatre.com.au/schooldramaresearch